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2009 Financial & Operational Characteristics Study

ON SALE NOW !!! Issued in February of 2009, this data survey tabulates calendar year 2007 operating results for a record breaking 2,023 self storage facilities throughout the United States and Canada. With over 97% of last year's respondents returning consecutive operating results, this year's study provides an unsurpassed opportunity of comparison and trend analysis never before seen within our industry. Our Street Rate Index alone, includes hard rate data on over 126 MILLION Rentable Square Feet of Space. Our Operating Results for Income, Expenses and Net Operating Income represent the actual results of more than 2,000 properties throughout North America. Report Objectives: o To provide self-storage facility operators, consultants, and other industry interests with a "look-up" reference of operational and financial information and trends, not routinely available from other sources. o Provide these Key Result Areas in a fashion that is organized by region and type of area and cross-tabulated with other operating practices and characteristics of reporting facilities. Presented as a reference or look-up guide, this study is divided into two primary sections: o The Overview - Sections 3 and 4 o The Regions - A more detailed revenue, cost, and NOI section organized according to each of six US regions and the type of area within each. (sold electronically)

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