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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Research & Data

SSA takes pride in providing members with fresh research and data. We continue to outpace the industry in terms of generating new research and cutting edge information programs. SSA data studies are revolutionizing the way owner-operators and managers look at this industry.


SSA / Reis Data Reports

Reis, Inc., a leading provider of commercial real estate market information and analytical tools, and the SSA have introduced coverage of Self Storage properties in 50 major United States metropolitan markets and 279 submarkets.  These market reports are made possible by the quarterly participation of SSA member facilities - over 10,000 self storage facilities.

This data program provides investors, lenders, developers, industry analysts, and self storage facility owners and operators, with the critical market intelligence that they require in order to make superior asset and portfolio level decisions. To date, self storage professionals have not had access to current and comprehensive market information from a nationally-recognized provider.

Key Report Features:
 - 50 Markets and 279 Sub-markets (see a list of markets offered here)
 - Climate Controlled vs Non-Climate Controlled
 - Five main unit types: 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20
 - Rent & Occupancy Data
 - Trends & Benchmarks
 - PDF & Excel formats

**NEW** Report Pricing:
 - Non-Members / Non-Participants: $300 per report
 - SSA Direct Members / Non-Participants: $200 per report (33% discount)
 - SSA Direct Member Participants: $150 per report (50% discount)
 - Bulk discount pricing available - call (703) 575-8000 x 108 for details 

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The 2017 Self Storage Demand Study

 This 2017 edition of the SSA’s Self Storage Demand Study tells us who uses self storage, how and why and most importantly projects future demand. It helps us to understand the current incidence of usage and how it is tied to area demographic characteristics. It provides us with a point of view on what drives demand, with insights on how customers use self storage. Over 275 pages with 466 tables and graphs packed with information you won’t get anywhere else.


Self Storage: A Market Inventory Study - 2010 Update


This study calculates gross square feet in the US and in various-sized market areas based on existing data, information and several predictive models developed by the SSA and its partners. Data was drawn from existing public company information, an existing SSA database of known facility square footage (updated quarterly), plus modeled square footage sizes for various urban, suburban and rural facilities, as well as the year of construction. Additional industry information was employed as well as analogous data from several other publicly available government and private sector database sources. A must-have publication for owners.


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