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Tuesday, April 07, 2020
You are here : Events & Education  >  Certified Self Storage Manager (CSSM) Certification

The Certified Self Storage Manager
(CSSM) Certification


The Self Storage Association (SSA) Certified Self Storage Manager Program advances the professionalism of the manager’s role by offering standardized education and promoting continuing education and practical experience through continued tenure in the industry. For convenience, cost savings, and uniform accessibility to the industry, the CSSM© is attainable through SSA’s Online University and the SSA Certified Self Storage Manager Program. Renewal of the designation is also simple, standardized, inexpensive, and at the designee’s convenience throughout the renewal year.

  • Standardized education through the SSA’s Online University’s SSA Certified Self Storage Manager Program — watch the videos then take the final exam
  • Continuing education through the CSSM© Renewal Program
  • Single sessions can be purchased for as low as $49 (SSA Members) or purchase the full package (for new certifications) for $599 (SSA member pricing)
  • Non-member pricing is also available

It’s convenient, cost-effective and will make you a more valuable employee.

Part 1: CSSM© Certification Program Requirements
1. Successful completion of the CSSM© Program onsite (15 sessions) through SSA’s Online University with a passing score of 70 or above on each of the quizzes at the end of each session. Once all 15 sessions and quizzes are completed, candidate must successfully pass the Final exam of 100 questions with a score of 70 or above.
2. Agree to uphold the SSA Industry Code of Ethics as it applies to the facility manager’s role.
3. Verifiable employment (or candidacy) in good standing as a self storage manager, supervisor, or owner/investor.  


Part 2: Sustaining Certification: CSSM© Renewals

To retain the CSSM© designation, designees must:

1. Renew every two years - Attain 4 hours of continuing education (CE) credits via the SSA Online University CSSM© Renewal site by December 1 in the renewal-due year, which occurs in two year increments following the year of initial certification. (Example- If the CSSM© is earned in 2010, it is renewed by passing 4 one-hour credit sessions in the online SSA CSSM© Renewal Site between January, 2012 - December 1, 2012. The next renewal period for this sample designee would begin in January 2014, and so on.). CE credits can also be earned by attending specified sessions at national SSA events.

2. Adhere to the SSA Industry Code of Ethics.

3. Continue employment in good standing as a self storage manager, supervisor, or owner /investor.

4. CSSM© designees who do not fulfill the CSSM©

renewal requirements as outlined above must recertify by successfully completing Part 1, above.

In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the CSSM© designation, CSSM© designees who do not renew their certification will be purged from the Registry and barred from using the SSA CSSM© designation, which is the property of the Self Storage Association.





  • Click the "REGISTER TODAY" button below and create your own account by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ then ‘Register Now’ under the ‘SSA CSSM Program.’  Be sure to add your SSA member ID when you register, if your company is an SSA member, to get discounted member pricing. 
  • Click ‘Register’ and then enter payment information. 
  • At any time, you can click on ‘My Courses’ to see all of the sessions you have in your account.
  • You will need to go through all 15 session videos, one at a time, and take a quiz at the end of each session.  Once the quiz has been passed with a 70% or better, you can go onto the next session.  Once all have been reviewed and quizzes passed, you will take a Final Exam and must pass this with 70% or higher to become certified.  You will have a link to a printable certificate once the final exam has been completed. 
  • At any time that you have questions, click the green ‘Support’ button for help.




View a list of the CSSM© registry HERE



CSSM© Disclaimer

The Self Storage Association Certified Self Storage Manager designation certifies that the individual has completed and demonstrated proficiency in specified course work relevant to working in the self storage industry. The Association does not investigate the background of applicants. Employers are encouraged to perform pre-employment background checks on all applicants, including applicants who hold SSA’s or other certification. Certification program requirements and fees subject to change as resources or industry needs necessitate.



Copyright © 2019. All rights reserved.



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