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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Need Better Employees? Read This.

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Need Better Employees? Read This.




If you are currently looking to hire, I am going to walk you through four critical steps you should consider when hiring adequate and successful talent for your company.





Ask the Right Questions


According to Glassdoor, the average hiring process in the U.S. takes about 23.8 days. With that length of time being spent searching for new talent, you want to be sure you are asking the right questions during interviews with potential hires. Here are three questions you need to be asking in every interview you have:


1.    Why are you leaving your current employer?

2.    What about our company attracted you to this position?

3.    Where do you want to be in five years?


These questions are straight to the point and truth revealing. They convey why the prospect is applying, if they know anything about your company and their intended length of stay.


Don’t Google Potential Hires


Let’s be truthful, it is 2019 and we have all Googled someone. Now, although Googling a potential hire can seem like a good idea, it’s not. Here’s why, companies often research the wrong person online, leaving you with the wrong idea of the wrong person. Googling a potential hire is not appropriate and not a good reflection of your company. Skip Google and stick to references.


Know That Personal Is Professional


Have you ever interviewed the ultimate candidate, with a gold-plated resume that checked all the boxes and qualifications you were looking for; but for some reason, they didn’t seem like the right fit? Trust your gut feeling. On average, we spend 40+ hours per week with the people we work with, if it doesn’t feel like the right fit, it’s not. When it comes to happiness in the workplace, peace is key to success. Keep the peace, and go with your gut.


Work With a Staffing Agency


Hiring is not only time consuming, it is expensive. According to Hundred5, the average cost to hire an employee is $4,129. In addition, there are several liabilities a company takes on when it hires a new employee. There is always a chance that the candidate you hired is not a good fit, which leaves your company with an unfilled position and possibly the responsibility to pay unemployment. Working through a staffing agency alleviates those burdens. Staffing agencies help bridge the gap between companies that are having a hard time finding the proper employees and potential candidates that cannot find the right company to work for.


Know You Have Options


Searching for new talent does not have to be intimidating. When it comes to your company, you need to understand that you are in control of the environment. Above all, know that you have options. Great employees are always looking for great companies. Before I leave you to your own devices, here is a bit of advice from someone who spent almost one whole year reconstructing a company and went through 20+ temp to hires to find the right team. On days that you feel the right candidate will never come along, that is always the day they show up. People who are introverted may not interview well, but they make great leaders. Typically, the behavior an employee displays the first three days on the job is how they will conduct themselves their whole career with your company. Do not forget this. With that being said, good luck, stay positive and — no matter what — don’t stop searching until you find the right fit.


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