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Sunday, July 21, 2024
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SSA Blog

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Niche Marketing: Creative, Specialty Units Rake in Self Storage Business

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Niche Marketing: Creative, Specialty Units Rake in Self Storage Business

Just like virtual reality headsets, subscription boxes, fashionable beards, and fidget spinners, specialty storage facilities were a hot commodity in 2017. A growing number of self storage consumers in affluent, recreational, and urban areas are demanding a higher-quality storage experience for their luxury items, and they’re willing to pay top dollar for it. To meet the growing demand, facilities old and new around the country are restructuring their storage businesses to add niche storage options like business storage, band rehearsal spaces, wine storage, art studios, RV storage, and more.


Whether their niche is offering extra convenience, rentable office spaces, premium security, or temperature-controlled units for large RVs or boats, specialty storage facilities don’t skimp on amenities like online move-ins and bill payments, coded gate entry, and climate control, and they’re able to charge a premium rate for their space. If this trend has left you scratching your head, read on to get more insight into the secrets behind the success of niche storage marketing and get tips for incorporating specialized storage options into your business model.


Sugar House Archives and Shred in Salt Lake City, UT offers secure document storage, shredding, and disposal services for nearby offices and businesses, law firms, medical facilities, government agencies, and more.


Business and Office Storage


Many businesses are working on becoming completely paperless, but if they’ve been around for a few decades, they probably have tons of old bookkeeping records, expired documents, tax records, and private customer files that they don’t know what to do with. This problem is especially prevalent for those in the business of managing data, like insurance companies, hospitals, veterinary offices, and law firms. Even if they’re looking to get it all digital eventually, they need a place to store their records until they can get it all entered online.


Many self storage facilities are working to bridge the gap between file storage and cloud storage by storing physical files and helping businesses go paperless with document imaging, data entry, and document shredding. In highly-populated metro areas, the need for these services is booming, and not just any storage brand can jump into the space: it takes a high-security facility with expert knowledge in managing private documents and a team that’s skilled in cloud storage and data management. If you’re renovating a warehouse-style storage facility, or your property has extra-large storage units that are hard to fill, check out this growing trend as an opportunity to get into the specialty business and office storage space.


Wine Storage


For storage owners and builders in affluent, urban areas like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and southern California, wine storage presents a huge business opportunity. Wine storage is easily marketable to collectors, sommeliers, vineyards, and local bars because of its scarcity. Wine storage cellars keep corked bottles at precise temperature and humidity levels for proper aging and storing of fine wines, protect against theft, and typically offer convenient services like package deliveries, 24-hour access, and loading docks.


So what does it take? High-security, for one. Wine collections are expensive - fine wines can be valued in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A climate-controlled space is essential, and below ground storage is even better: above ground, temperature-controlled storage units can struggle to match the ideal humidity levels required for wine storage. If you’re already in the business of offering high-security storage and your facility has a basement that isn’t being utilized, do a little research on wine storage to see if you can tap into this growing market.


Secure Pack Storage in Lenoir City, TN offers covered RV, boat, and vehicle storage at their brand-new facility near popular camping, hiking, and fishing spots in the southern Appalachian Mountains.


RV and Boat Storage


Outdoor recreation is big business in America. In 2017, Americans spent over $887 billion on outdoor recreation-related products. While that number is mind-boggling, storage brands can get a small piece of the pie by offering specialized RV and boat storage options at properties in locations primed for outdoor recreation. Location is everything when it comes to RV and boat storage: high-performing properties are close to popular fishing spots, camping grounds, national parks, forests, and lakes. RV and boat owners want a great location, close to their home and their favorite outdoor spots, and amenities like wide driveways that make parking effortless, 24-hour access so they can hook up and go on a weekend adventure at their leisure, and of course, high-security features. Recreational enthusiasts in cold weather and northern states seek an even more premium storage experience, with heated, indoor parking options for their RV, boat, or camper.


If you’re on the fence, just put yourself in the customer’s shoes: if you owned a $50,000 RV, why would you pay to keep it at any old storage facility when you could store at a high-security, 24-hour accessible RV storage facility with hookups and nearby access to your favorite camping areas? It just makes sense to pay a little extra for the latter.


Evergreen Self Storage in Yakima, WA features storage units, outdoor parking, office spaces, and even on-site barber services at their recently renovated facility. 


More Niche Storage Options


A little creative marketing goes a long way when it comes to specialty spaces like student storage lockers, art studio spaces, luxury vehicle storage, office spaces, band practice spaces, and more. Even if you own a traditional storage facility, it’s easy to convert existing space to market to these specialized consumer needs. Unmanned facilities can also get in on the niche storage trend by catering to high-tech consumers and college markets - specialty storage is a natural next step for high-tech facilities with premium amenities and online conveniences.


The market for specialty storage is growing, and industry experts expect to see continued market strength in 2018. Whether your storage business is old or new, it’s a good idea to research and explore your facility’s marketability for specialty and niche storage options. With a strong online presence and premium amenities, your specialty storage units can help boost your self storage business’s revenue for years to come.

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