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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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SSA Blog

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How to Create a Lead Generating Website

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How to Create a Lead Generating Website

Having a responsive website that is up to date, fast and offers a user-friendly experience are no longer the only requirements that drive website traffic in today’s online world. Let’s face it, the self storage industry is currently in a state of saturation and driving new lead generation to any website can be a challenge. Gone are the days of advertising your facility on a local high school billboard. The competition has moved, and it’s gone straight to Google. The times have changed, and it’s paramount that your facility adapts.





Clear Call-to-Action


Websites can seem simple; however, cultivating a lead generating website is not. The trick lies in creating a website that demands the attention of potential tenants. Call-to-action (CTA) buttons — such as a “rent here now” — can help guide a tenant to complete a desired action more effectively then if there was not one otherwise.

A call-to-action is absolutely crucial for any modern self storage website. Without one, potential tenants do not have a clear direction and are more likely to leave your page without converting. Your local competition and the REITs are more than likely taking advantage of all the CTA opportunities available to them. These actions not only drive sales but also help increase conversion rates online. No matter how great the content, layout, and security is on your website, without a clear direction for your potential tenants to take, it can be difficult to generate revenue.


Increasing Online Revenue


An online rental tool can increase online revenue for facilities of any size by keeping tenants in the sales funnel and helping them checkout, 24/7, 365 days a year. Tenants are busy, and your online rental tool should be mobile-friendly and have basic features such as the ability to pay a bill and eSign a lease. Consider other features that can increase revenue as well.


For example, if someone abandons the checkout process, do they receive an automated email with a discount code? Are they able to purchase moving supplies or cloud storage while completing a rental for their unit online? These are all additional revenue opportunities for your facility to consider when deciding which rental tool is right for your site.


The features available for online rental tools in the industry are nearly endless. And while most facilities don’t need every add-on or feature offered in the market, many of the features like 3-D calculators and value pricing are designed to help your facility keep its competitive edge.


Without an online rental tool, your website is effectively a landing platform for interested tenants without the ability to convert into a sale online. If they still select your facility over the competition without an online rental option, they have to go into the leasing office during business hours. This creates inconvenience for the tenant, and they may decide it’s better to find another facility nearby that provides this online option.


When you compare the process to that of an automated online rental tool, the differences are jarring. A tenant can research unit sizes, compare features, and find their perfect unit while sitting at home after work or while on their phone at a child’s sports game. They can sign their lease electronically and get a gate code, all without visiting the leasing office. Some online rental tools offer ID verification or driver’s license uploads, allowing facilities to still maintain high standards of tenant verification.


Redesigning Your Website


As you evaluate your website and decide if it meets the high standards of the self storage industry in 2019, it’s worth researching and talking to a website provider. Find a provider that specializes in self storage websites and online rental tools, and make sure you have an in-depth understanding of what their services entail. Do they only offer websites from a template, or can they custom design a world-class facility website? What online rental tool add-ons or features are important to you? By taking the time to find the right provider, your website can start generating more leads and revenue.




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