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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Four Reasons why you may want to Add Mobile Storage Units to Your Facility

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Four Reasons why you may want to Add Mobile Storage Units to Your Facility

Whether you are building a self storage facility from scratch or expanding an existing storage site, you can grow your business by adding mobile storage units. These movable units will increase your storage capacity, increase your revenue, and give you a competitive advantage in the market. Storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes. Some facilities have permanent (brick-and-mortar) structures, while some are made up of movable storage units. And some facilities have both permanent structures and movable units. Let’s dig into the reasons why so many self storage operators are adding mobile storage units to their facilities.



Movable units are called several different things, such as mobile units, relocatable units, drive-up containers, portables, or self storage units. They are solid and long-lasting, constructed of steel, and made with ultramodern features. Mobile units can be placed with little-to-no site preparation and repositioned as desired. They offer an easy, fast, durable, and cost-effective storage alternative to permanent storage structures.



How exactly are movable units different from permanent storage? Using movable units at your facility saves you on coordination, costs, and time when compared to stick-built or brick and mortar types of storage, which require extensive permitting and local zoning knowledge. Construction materials are expensive, permitting approvals are slowing moving, and there are labor shortages. Plus, since permanent structures are not easy to alter, you need to have your unit mix planned out before you begin. With movable units, you can build your facility in phases. And did you know that relocatable storage units are classified as equipment? This means that storage operators can take advantage of the Section 179 tax benefit.



You may have an existing facility and want to expand. Or maybe you are considering getting into the storage business. Either way, movable storage is an excellent choice. You can maximize your facility’s ability, keep your customers’ belongings secure, and generate added revenue. Here’s how:



Movable storage units come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are easy to order and install. One of the best features of mobile storage units is that they fit within compact or unbuildable areas with little-to-no foundation or major site preparation. All you need to do is work with your storage manufacturer to decide what sizes and configurations will work on your property. Fully customizable, relocatable storage units can easily match your existing structures in color for a seamless addition to your facility. They are shipped flat-packed and assembled fast with just a few dozen nuts, bolts, and basic tools. Each mobile storage unit comes with forklift pockets for easy moving, even when fully loaded.



Movable storage units can help you maximize the use of your property. Each property is a unique opportunity with its own nuances. Does your site have uneven surfaces, an odd-shape, easements, setbacks, powerlines, or fence-lines to contend with? Mobile, relocatable storage units will work where traditional storage will not. Land is getting harder to find, and space is limited. It’s smart to make the most out of your facility. You can place movable, relocatable storage units practically anywhere to fill unused spaces on your property. Mobile storage units can be used side-by-side to create an effective and efficient drive-up or walk-up storage operation. Some relocatable self-storage manufacturers will even help you design the layout for your site to see just how many units you can fit on your property.



Relocatable storage units are constructed to last and protect your customers’ belongings. Top manufacturers use the highest-grade steel and have a seamless steel roof design for protection against the elements and prevent water from pooling or leaking. Designed seamlessly, units are safe from water, wind, dust, and rodents. To protect against humidity and temperature swings, some manufacturers also apply a thin, white anti-condensation coating on the ceiling. Modern relocatable units have easy-to-use, ultramodern locking mechanisms that are designed with the end user’s security in mind. They are compatible with new smart, hands-free entry and locking systems.



Using more rental space means more income. Self storage facilities can turn empty areas into profit with moveable storage units. Look around your facility open spaces where you can put relocatable units. Movable, relocatable units are custom made. So, they can match existing structures in color and size for a seamless addition to your storage facility. And compared with permanent structures, you can order some relocatable units now -— and more later. Once you’re ready to place an order, your account manager will go over delivery and installation. You’ll be ready to rent your units in no time!




When you’re building or expanding your self storage facility, look at all your storage options. Sometimes the easiest and most cost-effective choice is also the most solid. Adding mobile storage units to your storage facility can supply many benefits for you and your customers. It can help you increase your storage capacity, generate added revenue, and offer a convenient and flexible storage choice for your customers. Growing your business makes sense! And doing so by adding mobile storage units is simple.














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