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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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The Technology of Customer Service

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The Technology of Customer Service

In the early days of self storage, prior to the industry’s understanding the need for savvy marketing and better business plans, providing top-notch customer service was rarely part of the plan. Rent the unit and let the customer take care of the move in.

Thankfully, times have changed and self storage owner/operators and managers realize that a greater involvement in helping each customer move in is important. It establishes a bond between you and the customer that might keep your customer around for an extended period of time.

Many self storage businesses have begun to offer trucks to help with moving and also make sure to be on hand when customers are placing items in their units to offer tips and encouragement. But is that enough? Can you do more?

Of course you can and if you do this one thing, you will convince potential customers that you have their back. Use your website to outline all the stages of moving, from planning the move to placing items in the right packages. Turn part of your website into a “How to Pack for Your Upcoming Move” and before you even see your customer you have helped win them over.

Cherie Tourangeau, the Online Marketing Manager/Customer Service Manager for Urban Self Storage, thinks that by having packing tips available for current and potential customers, Urban is making the effort to set up positive customer relations from the get-go.

“Urban Self Storage offers many elements both online and offline to help inform and to alleviate the stress that comes with any move,” says Tourangeau. “By visiting you can learn about our best practices from how to pack your boxes to help prevent damage during your transition to staying informed with several tips easing the havoc during the moving process. We offer moving guides assisting you as you prepare weeks ahead, including tips and tricks of packing smart and packing tight.”

So what sort of things should you include in your website tips for moving?

  1. Customers should make a list of items to be packed and categorize each item. Number the boxes that are being used and write down the item on a piece of paper with the box number in which it will be packed. This will make finding and locating items that much easier.
  2. Clothing and draperies should be hung in wardrobe boxes. Lamps and mirrors should be packed in separate boxes with lots of padding. Cover tabletops, especially those made of glass, with blankets. Paintings are fragile so cover them with plenty of blankets or paper.
  3. Advise potential customers to place boxes with items they may want to get to in the front of the unit and thus should be among the last items to go in. Make sure that boxes with fragile items are clearly marked.

These are just a few ideas for website tips for prospective customers. But by making the effort to educate and inform ahead of time, you will very likely be turning prospective customers into definite customers.

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